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Rebar Bending Machines, Rebar Bender and Portable Rebar Bending machines for sale. Rebar Bending Machine MCB DS-36

Rebar bending machine is digitally controlled, and settings - programs are done on an LCD display. As the machine is digitally controlled, as well as it increases the use and work performance of the machine, it also facilitates serial bindings and saves time. Daily throughput capacity of this machine depends on the thickness of iron to be processed, the average production of stirring up is daily between 5000-6000 for the iron bars of 8, 10, 12, 14 cm thickness. As the stirring up apparatus is among the apparatus to be inserted on the machine, it does not require for an external apparatus. What makes our machine with digital control and stationary body superior to other machines producing angular steels, piles and hooks is the mode of automatic stirring up and spiral producing function. It facilitates for small rodes with single programme. Our machines are not only switch controlled but also step motor controlled (Accurate size obtaining capacity).With the emergency stop on the panel and security control on foot switch, the machine is fully controlled.

MCB-DS36 Technical Specifications
Bending Capacitiy
Strenght Of Steel
45 kg/mm2
65 kg/mm
85 kg/mm2
Width 70 cm
Lenght 87 cm
Height 90 cm
Weight 350 kg
Motor Power 3 kw
Working Voltage 380 volt