Bending Machines | Portable Rebar Bending Machine MCB DS-24

Rebar Bending Machines, Rebar Bender and Portable Rebar Bending machines for sale. Portable Rebar Bending Machine MCB DS-24
Portable Rebar Bending Machine MCB DS-24
Portable Rebar Bending Machine MCB DS-24

The machine is mechanical torque system powered portable for used rebar bending. The machine has automatic transmission, fixed medium piece, making available a digital screen angle settings, measure slip allows you to get a clear measure. The machine does not use swich pin gearbox is does not jump and does not damage. The difference from other models, does not use the pin and its ability to right-left and auto-manuel. Machine is capable of making on screen set of stirrup and spirals. Daily throughput capacity of this machine depends on the thickness of iron to be processed, the average production stirring up is daily between 300-400 for the iron bars of 8, 10, 12 mm thickness, stirrup apparatus is on the machine. The machine is not completely swich controlled, with step motor controlled (making clear the measure). The machine on the panel with emergency stop and on the security control on the foot pedal has been taken under safety.

MCB-DS24 Technical Specifications
Bending Capacitiy
Strenght Of Steel
45 kg/mm2
65 kg/mm
85 kg/mm2
Width 52 cm
Lenght 64 cm
Height 90 cm
Weight 135 kg
Motor Power 15 kw
Working Voltage 380 volt