About Us

Özaylar Machinery was established by Company Manager Mehmet ÇAMSARI in Ankara at 2001. It has started manufacturing and marketing of light construction machines and equipments beginning from this date. It operates firstly in Turkey and exports to some countries like Iraq, Iran, Moldavia, Syria, Bulgaria, Kazakhistan, Algeria, Georgia, North Macedonia, United Arap Emirates. Our machines operate in all geographies of Turkey. Demand for qualified Turkish goods worldwide is also increasing in each coming day.

Our firm produces, imports and exports Compactor, Buffing Machine, Asphalt and Joint Cutting Machines, Iron Bending and Iron Cutting machines, Vibrating Gauges, High frequency Vibrators, Converters, Concrete Mixers, Belt Grabbing Ground Controlled Crane, Ground freeze machines, Constructor hand tools and equipments with the aim of providing service in Construction sector.

Our firm improves its technology and its experienced staff specialized in their profession improves itself to keep up with innovations and changes in construction sector and to follow-up a parallel progress. Quality in our products means our cautious customers obtain the best efficiency from products and we perform a great deal of works with the most economical costs. For this purpose, Özaylar Machinery determines its quality policy not according to itself but in a certain standard according to supply and demand of its Customers.

Özaylar Machinery is one of the firms of the sector having the best profile in field of after-sales service.

Our customers are the best references...