Bending Machines | Rebar Bending Machine MCB-BK50

Rebar Bending Machines, Rebar Bender and Portable Rebar Bending machines for sale. Rebar Bending Machine MCB-BK50

Provides perfect performance specially for mobile contruction sites. Mainly, in virtue of bending apparatus that enables operator to work both on left and right side, then achieving requirred bending angles and radius, easily. In addition, preventing interruption, breakdown due to electricity current irregularity on construction site, Tele Mechanic 24V electricity board and in need of break, Magnetic Shocking Breaking System are mounted to the machine. Through induction, 60 Hokver hardness is gained, so abrasion rate is reduced dramatically. In this machine, 2 gear Reducer is mounted. Extra 2 buttons ensure facility of Stirrup and Hook Bending to operator. When Stirrup button pushed, MCB 36 is automatically converted to Stirrup Bending Machine. While, with old style machines, stirrup and hook bending was very difficult and taking long time. MCB 36 can be converted to Stirrup and Hook bending machine by one button. Finally, MCB 36 has ability to count bent rebars, unprecedentedly among its peers.

MCB-BK50 Technical Specifications
Bending Capacity
Strenght Of Steel
45 kg/mm2
65 kg/mm
85 kg/mm2
Width 76 cm
Lenght 95 cm
Height 110 cm
Weight 650 kg
Motor Power 7,5 kw
Working Voltage 380 volt