Concrete Power Trowel | Concrete Power Trowel MCP 700 - MCP 900

Concrete Power Trowel For Sale Prices Concrete Power Trowel MCP 700 - MCP 900

These easy to use machines with high efficiency are designed to flatten and polish concrete surfaces poured. They provide practical use in places where ground is significant like prefabricated constructions, construction structure grounds, car park, petrol station. We have petrol drive-electrical and diesel engine options. Double buffing machine, 700 and 900 capacity machines may alone perform the work made by 4 buffing machines. We have also disc and knife manufactures.

  MCP 700 MCP 900
Length 1920 mm 2050 mm
Width 750 mm 950 mm
Height 1050 mm 1050 mm
Weight 62-73 kg 82-89 kg
Gasoline Motor 5,5 Hp Honda 6,5 Hp Honda
Diesel Motor 3,6-4,2 Hp 3,6-4,2 Hp