Asphalt Concrete Cutting Machines | Asphalt Concrete Cutting Machines MCA17, MCA22

Asphalt concrete cutting machines diesel and gasoline asphalt concrete cutter for sale. Asphalt Concrete Cutting Machines  MCA17, MCA22

Joint cutting was designed for factory, ground and highways for cutting of all kinds of concrete and asphalt ground, patch and repair works, infrastructure and channel opening, factories, ground and highways. It was designed as manually and semi-automatic. Electrical, petrol driven and diesel engine options axist.

  MCA17 MCA22
Length 1150 + 490 mm 1200 mm
Width 760 mm 800 mm
Height 1100 mm 1150 mm
Weight 130 - 168 kg 160 - 182 kg
Max Blade Diameter 450 mm 600 mm
Max Depth of Cutting 170 mm 220 mm
Water Depot 40 lt 50 lt
Gasoline Motor 13 Hp Honda 24 Hp Honda
Diesel Motor 17 Hp Lombardini 17 Hp Lombardini